Microsoft AI for Good
Schools Challenge

Free for Year 7-12

Learn about AI

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What happens in the
Microsoft AI for Good Challenge?

In the 2020 Microsoft AI for Good Challenge, Australian students in Grades 7-12 are supported by their teachers to learn the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence. Equipped with this learning, they then work in teams on a design-thinking challenge to dream up a creative way that AI could be used to make a difference in the world. The challenge is about understanding AI and innovating concepts for how this technology could be used (students don’t need to actually code any AI), so it is a great learning experience that all high school teachers and students can engage with! The challenge can be completed remotely through online learning platforms.

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Why should you run the challenge online for your students?

Free resources for teachers

Teachers, we have plenty of curriculum-aligned resources for you to run AI challenge sessions in your online learning platforms. We are also running our one day 'home hackathons' digitally with our facilitators directly training students.

Great prizes for students

The best entries make it through to state and then national finals with great prizes up for grabs, medals and trophies. All students in the challenge receive a digital certificate for being involved.

Future-focused learning

To thrive in a changing world we think Australia’s young people need to be the builders of technology, rather than just the users of it. In the challenge your students will learn valuable schools to help them succeed in the future of education and work.

How the challenge works

1. Learn

Your students engage with AI concepts through online classes you run, or at a one-day 'home hack'.

2. Build

Your students then dream up an AI concept that makes a difference in the world.

3. Submit

Your students then need to submit their AI concept through this website before the 27th August 2020.

4. Finals

The top student entries will make it through to state and national finals and win great prizes!