Frequently Asked Questions

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What do my students actually need to submit?

The submission page is on this site under the tab ‘Submit Your AI solution’, and you can see there what your students will have to fill out. Quite simply they are sharing an AI concept that they have come up with that makes a difference in the world. We give loads of support to help them enter a great submission, and these tips are throughout the teacher resources that are also included in this site!

What are some examples of AI ideas?

The possibilities are endless, but an example might be an app that helps families track their household energy usage and suggests ways that they could be more sustainable, perhaps a robot that can be in the home of a refugee for the first month of their time in Australia to help them learn about Australia, or a map that allows people in wheelchairs to find restaurants nearby them that are wheelchair friendly. There are three, how many will your students come up with!

How much does it cost to be part of the challenge?

There is no cost to be part of the challenge. Travel costs for students (and one teacher or sponsoring adult for each team) that make it through to national finals are covered. 

Which of my students can be involved?

The challenge is for Australian students in grades 7-12. Students only need to dream up an AI idea, they don’t actually need to code or build an AI, so it is a great learning experience for all students (not just those who love working with technology).

I don't know anything about AI, can I still involve my students?

Absolutely. In fact AI is a technology that many people don’t know much about! In the program we have loads of teacher resources for you to learn from and then run great learning with your students.

How many students can enter from my school?

As many as you like, if they are in an Australian school (or equivalent learning institution) and are in Grades 7-12. A reminder however that they need to enter in teams of 2 to 3 students, and students can only be part of one entry.

What are the key dates?

Much of the learning happens during Term 2, and students need to submit their AI ideas by the 21st of June. State finals happen in July, and national finals are on August the 16th. The 2019 Challenge is now closed, however you can register your school for the 2020 challenge on this site. 

Are there prizes?

Yes! There are great Microsoft prizes for state and national finals winners. Teams (and one teacher to accompany them) who make it to nationals also have their travel covered to Sydney for the big day.

How much time will it take?

That is up to you! You can engage in just the core learning program with your students and complete the challenge in a matter of hours, or you can choose to engage with the extra learning activities as well and spread the learning across the entire term.

Is there professional development for teachers?

Yes! We have hackathons in every state and territory in Australia (make sure you register your school for the challenge to be informed about these), webinars, and How To Guide packs for you to download.